About Us

If you are like most people, you will experience stress on the road for your first few months behind the wheel. The newer you are in your driving journey, the higher your stress level. Sticking a traditional Student Driver car magnet can help alleviate the stress. However, the impact of the commonly used Student Driver sign is limited because it doesn't factor in the driver experience. A one-month-old baby needs more care and attention than a nine-month-old baby. Likewise, a driver with one month of driving experience needs more help on the road than a driver with nine months of driving experience. To ensure student drivers get the support they need at each stage of their driving journey, we created Baby Driving Magnets.

Baby Driving Reflective Student Driver Magnets - Set of 3 is the first-ever magnet set that tells the story of students' driving experience. Knowing how long a new driver has been driving helps reinforce everyone's safety. For example, when experienced drivers see a 0-3 months driver magnet sign, they know they must be more vigilant and more tolerant of the brand-new driver.

Get your Baby Driving Reflective Student Driver Magnets - Set of 3 today.